14. augustist 2013
13. augustini 2014
aitas OÜl Atribor põhivara soetada Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutuse alustava ettevõtja kasvutoetuse programm.

What is adventure golf?
Adventure golf, equipped with special effects, is an active, gripping and entertaining way to spend leisure time. The goal of the game is to get the ball in the hole with the least possible hits. The winner of tournament will be the player with the least hits made. The best visual effect is achieved through colour schemes, which glow in the UV light.

Who is suitable for adventure golf?
Adventure golf is suitable for everyone from 7 years of age, but younger players accompanied by their families are also welcome. The average age of the players is 20-40 years.

How long does one game last?
CityJungle adventure golf centre has 15 holes that have a different level of complexity, all equipped with automatics and special effects. Depending on the skill and number of players it takes an average of 1,5 h to carry out a golf tournament.

What should I wear?
Adventure golf can be played in all kinds of clothing. Outdoor footwear is allowed, but if possible, we recommend bringing a pair of indoor footwear. Outerwear can be left in the cloakroom. Customers are responsible for their belongings themselves.

Is adventure golf also suitable for company  and/or client events?
 Adventure golf centre is a perfect place to carry out a company and/or client event. Our centre, which not only has a unique interior decoration but also a VIP/Seminar room, birthday room and a cozy bar area, will accomodate up to 75 people.

Can I buy food and beverages?
Our drink card has a wide selection of juices, soft drinks and light alcoholic beverages. You can also find hot and cold snack menu, ice-cream and sweets. Drinks can be enjoyed in our cozy bar area but also in the golfing zone, snacks can be eaten in the party rooms as well as in the bar area.
NB! Customers can only drink drinks and eat snacks that are bought from our adventure golf centre.   

Should I pre-book a tournament?
Allthough You are welcome to our centre without a booking, we strongly suggest pre-booking a tournament, beacause entrance to the golf zone is based upon availability.

Childrens birthday parties with participants up to 12 years of age (inc.) requaire a minimum of two adults accompanying children during the whole tournament! A helping parent assisting children with marking down points and following rules is allowed in the golf zone for free.